Leave No Trace - Disposing of your rubbish and waste at the festival.

Dimension is a Leave No Trace event, we are fortunate to have the most beautiful festival location in New Zealand, so please respect the environment and the festival and keep your campsite tidy. 

 This means when the festival is over it's important to take home everything you brought with you, or dispose of items you do not want in the correct way.  
We will provide a garbage drop off point for full garbage bags for your convenience, however, please ensure full garbage bags are taken to this point as opposed to left at the campsite. We will provide a garbage bag at the gate to each attendee but please bring your own as well to ensure to keep your campsite neat and litter free. 

Mobile Reception. 

There is no mobile reception on site except for Vodafone at the front gate.  We will have WIFI available for purchase from the Phat Productions Stall so you can snapchat, contact your mum and let your friends know how out of this world Dimension is.


There will be EFTPOS at Dimension, on the gate and at selected vendors.  However, there will be no ATMs or cash out, so please bring plenty of cash to get you through. 

Can we swim in the river? Is the water from the river clean? 

Of course! The river right next to the dancefloor is amazing to swim in and leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Please swim only during the day and in the designated swimming holes, the rocks are slippery and we want you to stay super safe. Please do not use chemicals (soaps, lotions, etc) that might pollute the river. We suggest you purchase some organic products. 

The water from the river comes down from the hills nearby and although it is crystal clear and clean we would advise not to use it for drinking water. 

Drinking water. 

We will have two 5000l fresh water tanks which you may use to fill up your drink bottles and use for cooking. In the event of bad weather conditions, we may be unable to refill these so we recommend bringing your own as well.

What's for dinner? 

Food will be available on site for very reasonable prices from the vendor & market area.  We will have coffee, hot-dogs, Burgers (definitely get one or three of these, they're GREAT!), and a variety of vegetarian options.  

If you are a vendor and you are interested in being a part of Dimension, head over to our get involved section. 

Phat Productions Market Stall. 

Phat Productions are running a market stall with all the festival information and merchandise – as well as Wi-Fi tokens. Be sure to come say hi!   


There will be an information board where you can find out about set times, festival rules and post notices for other festivalgoers. For anything else you need please see the friendly security team. 

First Aid. 

We will have a 24-hour medical service available on site. However, if you have specific mediation that is required then please bring it with you. If your medication requires prescription, please ensure your medication is correctly labelled by a healthcare professional before attending the festival. 


You will be entirely responsible for the security of your camping site and your belongings. We do have security guards attending however they will be wandering rather than stationed.  

If you should require help from a security guard for any reason please don’t hesitate to find one of them or a crew member and we will ensure that you are looked after.  

Whether the weather be fine, or whether the weather be not... 

Dimension is an open-air event run in a rural location. Whilst we will expect for sunny days and cool nights, Dimension will run in any weather, regardless if it’s rain, hail or shine. Be prepared for all weather conditions and ensure you bring warm and wet weather clothing. In the week leading up to the festival we will post weather updates on the event page. 


As it will be mid to late summer it should be warm enough, fires within campsites are not strictly prohibited as there is a total fire ban. This is mainly due to safety issues as well as the effect on the site, which is a pristine farmland property. 


Dimension is not licensed to sell alcohol however as the event is on private land you are able to bring your own. Underage drinking is still not permissible and anyone under the age of 18 found at the festival will be removed from the site.   

Be respectful. 

Dimension is a positive environment and we want to create a space for raised consciousness, so we thank you for being respectful to others.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us!