When you get to the festival site, we want to be sure your experience is the best it can possibly be, so heres what to expect:

The Road In.

As we are all aware last year it rained the days prior to the festival and during the festival. This made the road difficult to navigate.

This year we will be upgrading the road significantly and ensuring that all patrons will be able to comfortably enter and leave the festival – whatever the weather. This is how it will work:

  • All vehicles will park at the carpark a the front of the site, near the gate.
  • From there you can;
    • Take the FREE shuttle into the festival site and set your tent up right near the action
    • Walk the short 10 min walk to the festival site, with your stuff.
  • The shuttle will run for the duration of the festival so you can always get your stuff in and out.
  • The access to the carpark will be all weather, as we are upgrading the road.

This way you can safely drive in and park your vehicle at the site and if it rains you can simply take the shuttle bak to your car and be able to leave if required.

entry pic.png

Gate Sales.

Door Sales will be available at the gate as ticket sales allow. EFTPOS will be available at the gate.


Please have your tickets ready for when you arrive at the gate, we can scan them on your phone or printed out.  Please ensure you have your ID.

Vehicle Searches.

Everyone entering the festival will be subject to a full search. Event organisers  and security will have discretion to confiscate/remove any items entering the venue. Please see our FAQ page on hat you are not allowed to bring to the festival.

Pass Outs.

Pass Outs will be available during the gate hours, however checks will be done to ensure no intoxication.  Please bring everything with you to minimise leaving the site.


To leave the site you will be checked for intoxication and if found to be intoxicated will be unable to leave.


You will be given a Rubbish bag on arrival, it must be returned to the drop off point when finished.  More rubbish bags will be available from the security area.