Getting To Dimension.


Dimension is at the address: 1207 Waimatenui East Road, Northland, New Zealand.

Only 3 hours drive north of Auckland, and 1 Hour from Whangarei.

As the festival is set in a remote valley, the best way for most people to get there is to drive or come with a friend. Check our Facebook page for a carpooling link also. 

For those driving, please help minimize our footprint by carpooling and sharing rides, and PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY! 

These are country roads with plenty of wildlife and hazards. There will be a significant police presence on the roads also, please do not consider driving in any unsafe or unlawful manner

By Car.

Directions to Dimension are as follows:

- Go North towards Whangarei.

- After Ruakaka go left on Loop Road.

- Then turn left on Otaika Valley Road. 

- When you get to Maungatapere go straight ahead across road to Mangakahia Road.

- Keep going for about 45mins then when you get to the “twin bridges” turn LEFT on Waimatenui East Road

- Drive along there for bout 10km until you get to the LINE between Kaipara District and Whangarei District – theres the Festival Entry. The Gate to the Festival is right there on the right (the gate will have signs!)

Check here to check out the details about access and vehicles.

By Bus to Whangarei.

You can take a bus to Whangarei .

You will need to get yourself to the festival site from Whangarei.

UPDATE: We are now offering limited shuttles from Whangarei Bus Station to the festival.

By Aeroplane Whangarei.

There are regular (relatively low cost) flights to Whangarei each day, so it could be a great option to get to the festival. Check for flights to Whangarei, they are only $99 each way normally so a easy way to get there. You should be able to hire a car from there.

UPDATE: We are now offering limited shuttles from Whangarei Airport to the festival.

Whangarei Shuttle - NEW

Due to demand we are now going to run an additional shuttle service from Whangarei to Dimension.

We will need to full up each shuttle time before the next one becomes available. The cost for the shuttle will be $50 + Booking Fee.

Times are as follows:

Friday 1 February:

3:00 pm: Whangarei Bus Station
3:10 PM: Whangarei Airport
4:20 PM: Dimension Site

6:00 pm: Whangarei Bus Station
6:10 PM: Whangarei Airport
7:20 PM: Dimension Site

Additional Shuttles may be added as these fill up.

Local Amenities.

The two closest towns to Dimension are:

Kaikohe – 30 Mins

Continue along the Mangakahia Road for another 30 minutes and you will get to Kaikohe.  It has a Supermarket, Liquor Store and all the basic you ay need if you need to make a mission out.

Whangarei – 1 Hour

Whangarei is the largest city in Northland and has all everything one might need.  There is supermarkets, Warehouse, Bunnings/Mitre 10 there, plus all the buses come to Whangarei and Airport is there.  The Shuttle will run from Whangarei.