At Dimension we want you to have a spectacular time, raise your consciousness and have a proper festival experience. To ensure this happens you need to make sure you and your crew stay safe. Here's a few things to remember. 

- Stay hydrated.  

- Use sunscreen and be sure to reapply after swimming. 

 - Consent, it takes only a moment to ask. 

- Don’t fall asleep in the sun. You don't want to wake up sun-burnt and dangerously dehydrated (wake up anyone that you see sleeping under the sun).  

- Get some rest - You may not want to miss a thing, however the experienced festival-goer will tell you that you’ll enjoy the festival even more if you get some sleep. 

- Don't party too hard too early. Dimension is a week-long experience, you have plenty of time to have fun and celebrate. Don't peak too early, enjoy the middle way, never lose control and surpass your limits. 

- Behave consciously and responsibly. 

- Going for a swim? Be sure to take a mate with you. 

- If the weather turns bad, keep an eye on the river and think about your safety before jumping in. 

- Communication is key, if you're not feeling well we have a 24 hour medic on site, and a friendly security team. 

And of-course please respect your fellow festival goers, the land, look after your mates and yourself. 

Leaving Dimension 

The time has come to leave the pristine valley and travel back to reality. Be sure to have made plan of who is the designated driver back to your hometown and that they have had adequate rest. (It's a great idea to have a back-up driver as well, just to be safe). 

Once you've made it to your destination, make sure you get plenty of rest (in a real bed!), drink lots of water, take your vitamins and try to fight off those post-dimension blues. The blues will pass, and that's when the excitement for next year begins.....