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The Experience

A Phat Productions Experience is….

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Sensory Immersion

You want to be free to relax, enjoy yourself, and connect with those around you.

That’s the freedom our honed blend of Sensory Immersion is designed to accomplish.

Loading your senses with the right high fidelity input immediately and effectively puts your focus above any apprehensions and negativity. You become enamoured instead by the colourful wash surrounding and calling you to merge with the beauty with all your senses.

How does it work? 

It begins as soon as you arrive, with music created to match waveforms in your brain that spur feelings of calm mental alertness, delivering you to a day-dreamy, open, happy, trance-like state.

"You find yourself getting overtaken by the music. It’s like an active meditation. And that’s good for the soul."

-Billy, Cosmosis

Then the aligned lights of lasers and stunning visuals map perfectly with those mesmerizing, wild, and cosmic sounds to foster, as musican Raja Ram describes, a sensation that, “stimulates a neurological effect in the brain that tickles the endorphins to make them come alive, and for one’s consciousness to be expanded.”

Immersive Sensation is a progressive process that builds you up further and further by degrees throughout the event, setting you ever freer as your experience itself is made into both a science and an artform.

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Human Connection

Human beings are tribal, collective creatures that crave community and belonging - a place to join together, have fun, and be part of something bigger than any individual.

 As the Sensory Immersion aspect empowers you to let go of all worries and negativity, you find yourself washed through with a deep sense of peace.

 Before long, your face is probably overtaken by a massive grin.

 Then you start to notice others all around you being affected the same way.

 Beaming glances, happy smiles, and kind words are shared, and you’re likely shocked by how easily you see yourself connecting due to the shared experience you’re all being built up by together in the completely safe haven of the festival.


Creative Self Expression

Along with the freedom to be your true self, you’re also looking for ways to effectively express who and what you are outwardly.

To that end, there is really no limit to the possibilities for activities that meet your desire for creative expression.

 So we won’t narrow it down just to “art.”

How do you think your unhindered self might best be expressed and communicated?

What ways would work for you to capture and put across your free, transformative experience in order to inspire others and help you never forget?

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Freedom in Nature

Do you ever feel constrained by outside pressures to be or act a certain way?

Do you long to escape the daily struggles hounding and hedging you in, forcing you to comply to imposed ideals?

Do you crave the space and freedom to discover and really live as your true self... to separate for a time from work and other responsibilities so you can get back to nature, let loose, and simply do what feels right just for the sake and value of freedom itself?

As the Sensory Immersion works to uplift your state, you find yourself first set free to connect with everyone else around you, knowing you all share the same goal of making the very most of this moment and your lives.

Having that shared goal also brings a palpable sense of mutual respect, acceptance, and admiration.

You begin to realize that fear of judgment is no longer necessary at all.

That’s when you can start to let go of the cautious way you’re usually forced to navigate your day-to-day interactions in a world where mixed intentions and value conflicts make you feel the need to always portray an acceptable image.

There is nothing like the freedom of letting your own individuality start to shine... perhaps in calling out to waves of strangers about how beautiful you think they are, or abandoning your old rigid 2-step dance and allowing your body to show you how it really wants to move.

And instead of being looked down upon or written off for being weird, imagine actually being celebrated and encouraged just for who you uniquely are.


Really, there’s nothing like it.