Your ticket price includes your camping pass. 

Yes, you read that correctly, we aren't like those other festivals that make you purchase a ticket and then charge you an additional amount for a camping spot. Your camping is included in your ticket price, it's first in first served to get the best spots so be sure to get here when the gates open! 

You will need to park in the carpark and you can take the shuttle to the campground.

Tier 1, Tier 2, I don't get it... 

Dimension operates a tiered ticketing system, rewarding those who buy early with cheaper tickets. Each tier has a set allocation of tickets, once this allocation is exhausted, it goes up to the next Tier. The sooner you buy, the more you save! 

How do I change the name on my ticket? 

This can be processed through the ticketing agent. 

Use the email address that you used to purchase the ticket.  You can change the name from there, any problems please contact ticketbooth support. 

Name changes are instant. Once completed, the existing ticket will be cancelled and replaced with a new one, so be sure to only use the new ticket, as the old one will no longer be usable. 

Are there any single day tickets or discounts to attend less days? 

Yes, see the ticketing site for Saturday - Monday as well as Sunday - Monday tickets. 

Do I need to print my ticket or can I show it on my phone? 

It's best to have your ticket printed and ready when you arrive at the gate. Our technology will allow for smartphone ticket scanning, but reception can be patchy on site, best to be safe and print it. 

If I have a ticket problem, who do I contact? 

Please contact the ticketing agent directly.