Battle Katz


Mikey Lim & Karl Blackman (Nobodi Atall)

Katzbii (Crazy Kat) & Ominous Din (Blazey Kat) are Drum & Bass DJ/Producers from Auckland

The Battle Katz were formed a few years back when Katzbii and
Ominous Din walked into Albany Noel Leeming and messed around with Garageband on one of the macs, making a Trap song in 10 minutes as a Joke. They then went back to the studio to make a Drum & Bass tune that went on to be rinsed out by some local DJs at the time, eventually leading to the two getting gigs in their own right. Having been around each other mixing and spending ridiculous amounts of money on tunes, the two decided at some point it'd be sweet if they B2B'd and so started playing local shows in underground raves and bars like Cassette 9 and Neck of the Woods. Putting together the meticulous well thought-out style of O.D and the unpredictable twisted mindset of Katzbii, The Battle Katz are sure to please any drum and bass head’s rinse fuelled night.