Dan Michaeli

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A message from your host for the Woosah Chill Zone: Dan Michaeli

Hey Fam! Following on from last year's success under the bedouin tent, we've plotted & schemed and devised a plan for even more fun to be had!
Rambunctious beats wll tickle us between our toes, childish shenanigans will prance & dance around us, twirling their delights and our happiest dreams will come alive and sip tea with us.

Dan MIchaeli AKA Louie Nouveau

Dan's projects attempt to combine music, art and a quest to understand Life into experimental configurations that have an outcome as unpredictable as the artist himself.

Dan transforms into the cocktail called Louie Nouveau by means of the following recipe: 
1 shot of well matured DJ skills
1 shot of passionate love for soul-stirring beats
2 shots of not taking life too seriously
3 drops of dragon blood - for all sorts of druidical fantastry.
Poured over some frothy bass, served with variable tempos and enjoyed with friends!