Aidan Kelly


Aidan Kelly, born and raised in Wellington, currently resides in Auckland performing his Original music and running The Fungus Federation, a fungal research and development company. Aidan sings of love, individual and societal conflicts prompting a call to action on environmental and social issues. Aidan signed with E4 Records in 2018 and is currently touring Aotearoa in his van with his gypsy cat Lou, enjoying playing gigs and exploring festivals.

Anirvan Deva

Anirvan Deva's multicultural sound crosses borders between world fusion, downtempo,
hypnotic/melodic deep house. But don’t be surprised if it takes a side trip into broken beat,
global bass or ancient mantras.
His music goes beyond the boundaries of any specific tempo or genre, and yet his sound is
always recognizable: delicate, deep and emotional.
Grooves to shake the body, move the heart and expand the mind.
The concept behind all Anirvan Deva's works-collabs-interactions is to share relevant and
uplifting messages for a genuine revolution of the heart. "I have always thought that someone
has to change the world... one day I've realised I am someone".
Every Wednesday on Radio Base fm, from 2 to 4pm, Anirvan Deva presents 'Beneath The

Mc Sweaty Brix


A conscious lyricist with a passion for ministering to hearts minds and souls. His style was formed & founded by the original hip hop flavours of the 90's such as Snoop, Outkast, Biggie & Wu Tang. Since then Brix has branched out into a wider range of styles having graced many a dj set throughout NZ in the DnB, Jungle, House and live band scenes. You can find Brix regularly on stage with DJ kamotion through out some of NZ's finer festival settings.
Always bringing the fire to the party, brix is here to get ridiculous and never to be missed. His on-the-spot creation of fast hooks, slick raps and unique vocals are a rare talent to watch.