Main Stage

When you enter the gates this year, you enter a different Dimension. Our main stage will be a lovingly crafted structure containing the immense joy and passion that we bring to our events. We offer you this year a selection of artists from around the globe at the peak of their professions, wowing you as we all come together on the path.  The main stage will share the earth with the trees and the river, allowing you to shade yourself during the day or cool off and recharge in one of the many swimming holes. This year we will be bringing the most stunning visual experiences to grace an outdoor event in New Zealand, utilising both contemporary and traditional art forms. The Main Stage is set to run for a total of 65 uninterrupted hours of musical bliss, kicking off at 4pm on the 31st. We will each night take you on a psychedelic journey from progressive to full on, and then back to chill. Make sure you join the beautiful souls enhancing Dimension's loving psychedelic vibes this year in the Main Zone. Anything is possible given the right atmosphere. We will keep you on your toes throughout the party with surprises lined up to keep you guessing so as to make the experience of Dimension second to none.

Beautiful Site With Stunning River

The best festivals are the ones where you can cool off when its gets hot, and the Dimension NYE site both has trees all through, and also has the stunning river running with swimming holes all along it.  This is a key part of the 3 day festival experience, and we believe that swimming absolutely resets, recharges and revives you. 

Dimension is only 3 hours north of Auckland, in an idyllic space next to a fresh clean swimming river.  The reason its a bit further is simply because this allows us to run our Double Opus soundsystem at full tilt without worrying about neighbours.  This make it well worth the drive, and to be at the ONLY new years event with WATER on site, which makes it the one to go to!

See our site pics here and we will release full location and transport details closer to the time:

High End Opus Soundsystems

To deliver a musical experience second to none we see sound quality as a critical component, as this is what creates the vibe of the event. We have invested in what is fundamentally the best audio chain on the planet.  The Opus Audio Soundsystem is a fully analogue, completely natural audio system that provides the cleanest sound due to its fundamental design approach that is not found in any other system.  The 15Kw of Opus it something that has to be heard to be believed, and Dimension will have Opus powering both Main and Forest Stages

Camping Area

Your ticket price for Dimension Includes FREE camping and access to Hot Showers, Clean Toilets & Free potable water.  These are the basics of your festival camping experience and we see this as the beginning layer of things you need to have sorted in order to come on the journey with us.

And YES, you can camp next to your car