Woosah Chill Zone

As you can surely imagine, balance is key when it comes to the consummate festival experience. As we work to raise you increasingly higher throughout the duration of the event, it’s important to also take time to rest, chill, and connect with others so that you can re-energize, re-integrate, and re-prepare yourself to be lifted once again.

 This year we bring the authentic chill buzz to Dimension with Woosah.

“Woosah” has been designed to be a much-welcomed contrast to our main floor and will be like stepping into a gentle warm breeze after being hailed on by a psychedelic sand storm. Woosah has been inspired by the smoky Bedouin tents of African and Middle Eastern deserts that were erected for tired sand travelers to safely rest their weary feet and souls. Featuring soulful sounds and hammocks, this is the perfect place to relax and have your deep-and-meaningfuls