Tree Walker aka “Luke Cabrol” originally from Aldershot, Surrey, England now currently living in Auckland New Zealand.

Luke’s passion for the harder styles of music started at the age of 16 when living in England, religiously following the UK Hardcore and Hard Dance scene until moving to Auckland New Zealand. It wasn’t long before he became part of the furniture at the notorious Space Bar. It was here where his NZ journey started musically.

After several years DJ’n in friends bedrooms and at after parties Luke took his place behind the decks for the first time in 2010 at Detour. Over the last few years he has played gigs such as.. Snow Rave Queenstown edition, Hard Kandi, Meltdown, Meow gets MNTHRD, Detour, Crank for Christchurch, BPM, Bezerk.

While still having a love for Hard Dance recently Luke ‘tree walker’ has been enjoying experimenting with different sounds and genres. After a recent trip to Melbourne and witnessing a mind blowing set from the big man himself ‘Carl Cox’ Luke started delving deeper into the world of Techno.

Luke’s energy behind the decks can be infectious. Always willing to take a risk with new sounds and technical mixes. You can expect massive build ups and bass heavy drops from his sets with tracks from the likes of ‘Loco and Jam’ and ‘Alberto Ruiz’. This Tribal like sound will have you stomping through the forest in a techno filled trance.