Architekt - EOS - September 2017

Phat Productions is proud to present its first release: the EP ‘EOS’ from label artist Architekt.
Architekt is pioneering a new sound in full-on psytrance, influenced by the unique vibe of New Zealand and the ‘having it’ parties put on by Phat Productions. The sound of EOS is diverse and recognisable, combining high energy rhythms with meaningful synthesis which takes the dancefloor on a ride.
The release represents a new direction in psytrance in New Zealand and globally, as this is the first time a NZ artist has released on a NZ label. Pick up your copy today and support the start of something new and different, and if you like what you hear, check out our festival ‘Dimension’ – you won’t be disappointed!
Phat Productions

The EP Released here is only the highest quality version AIF files, plus when you buy from our website here you get the fully mixed version of the EP as well as a BONUS track 4.