It's a week out from Dimension and you realise...
WHAT DO I PACK?! What will I need? What are the essentials? 


Here's a quick list of things you will need to bring along: 

- Your ticket! (Check once, check twice, check again!)  
- ID. 
- A reusable water bottle. - Cash (There's no ATMs on site) 
- Spare cell phone battery (there is no charging stations on site) 
- Battery power banks. 
- Tent. 
- Sleeping bag & pillow. 
- Airbed. 
- Weather structures or tarps. 
- Gumboots or sturdy boots (it is a farm after all!) 
- Comfy shoes. You'll be on your feet a lot (not to mention all the dancing you'll be doing) these are vital. 
- Toilet roll (Just in case) 
- A warm jumper (it can get cold at night)/rain jacket.
- Sunscreen. 
- Toiletries. 
- A film canister or tin for your cigarette butts. 
- Enough changes of clothes in case you get wet.
- Medical info (if you have any allergies or medical conditions) & medication. This must be clearly labelled and match your ID. 
- Torch or headlamp. 
- Hat or sun visor. 
- Bags for dirty clothes and rubbish. 
- Cleansing wipes/face wipes/hand sanitiser/deodorant (You're at a multi-day festival on a farm,stay clean.) 
- Non-perishable food. There will be plenty of yummy food available for purchase from our vendors (it’s always a good idea to stock up and be prepared). 
- Water (We will have free water available on site but it's always best to bring your own as well) 
- Duct Tape – You’d be surprised what can be fixed with tape
- Camping chair
- Ear plugs – Looking for a decent sleep? You will need these. 
- Eye mask – Don't want to miss any of the sets at night? You'll need this to sleep during the day.
- Costumes, dress ups, bubbles! Don't forget the fun stuff too! 
- Alcohol (This must be in plastic bottles, any alcohol in glass will be confiscated at the gate) Hot tip: Cordial makes for a great alternative to bringing lots of mixers and saves on plastic bottles. We’ll have plenty of free water on site for you to fill up with. 
- Bug repellent. 

Prepare for all weather conditions & consider all weather necessities. Rain or shine: Be prepared to brave the elements. Bringing along an umbrella & gumboots —even when the forecast predicts sunny skies—this is a smart move!

We will provide a more complete list of the "Must Haves" closer to the festival. 

What not to bring. 

- Pets or animals.
- Generators.
- Glass.
- Sound systems.
- Motorbikes or quadbikes.
- Fireworks.
- Illegal substances & illicit drugs..
- Open flame BBQs.
- Bad vibes & attitudes.

Everyone entering the festival will be subject to a full search. Event organisers & security will have discretion to confiscate/remove any items.