Where is Dimension Held?

Dimension is nestled in the hills of sunny Northland, is just 3 hours from Auckland. Surrounded by prehistoric cliffs and forests providing the most amazing views, the beauty of this area has to be seen to be understood!



What is the access like?

The roads leading to the site are in great condition, both 2WD and 4WD vehicles should have no difficulty.


How many stages will there be at Dimension?

Dimension features one main stage and a theme camp arena.

Main Stage: Music is one of the cornerstones of a maximized festival experience. For each afternoon and night of Dimension, expect to be delivered to all new heights and depths by our authentic lineup of top-class international acts. Nothing will be held back during these transcendent all-night sessions, so expect to be pushed to the absolute outer limits of consciousness and fun, this will be an action packed dancefloor from start to finish!

Alternative/Theme Camp: As a new feature this year, we will be giving crews the opportunity to add to the vibe at Dimension by creating their own themed art and sound spaces. The idea is to make Dimension as comfortable and dynamic as possible for all in attendance, regardless of their background (or state).This will be by application only, so let us know if you might like to provide an alternative for ravers to enjoy.


How do I get there?

As the festival is set in a remote valley, the best way for most people to get there is to drive or come with a friend. Check our Facebook page for a carpooling link also.
For those driving, please help minimize our footprint by carpooling and sharing rides, and PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY!
These are country roads with plenty of wildlife and hazards. There will be a significant police presence on the roads also, please do not consider driving in any unsafe or unlawful manner.




Is Dimension all ages?

Yes! Dimension is a loud music festival with music running the whole time, and if you are happy with this, then children are welcome.  There is a river on site and we take no responsibility for supervising any children.  Therefore keep in mind, minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, and children are to be under adult supervision at all times.


Do children need a ticket?

No, a child ticket will not need to be purchased for while buying an adult ticket for each child aged ?? and under. Kids aged ? and under gain free admission with a parent/guardian. Please note that minors are to be supervised by a parent/guardian at all times.



Will the festival sell out?

Like every other festival, Dimension does have a maximum capacity. Buying a presale ticket is your safest option.


How do I change the name on my ticket?

To do this, you need to log in to https://www.theticketfairy.com/ and view your ticket.

If you don’t have an account on there, you can create one with the same email address you bought your ticket with, and it will automatically link your tickets to your new account.

To change the name, you will see an ‘Edit’ button next to each ticket in your order. Click the button and follow the steps. If a name change fee is payable, you’ll be prompted for the payment during these steps.

Enter the full name of the person to whom you wish to assign the ticket. Optionally, you can also enter their email address if you want the ticket sent to them directly. Note that changing the name on a ticket does not transfer the ticket into somebody else’s account.

Name changes are instant. Once completed, the existing ticket will be cancelled and replaced with a new one, so be sure to only use the new ticket, as the old one will no longer be usable.


If I have a ticket problem, who do I contact?

info@phatproductions.net of facebook message 


What should i bring?

This is a camping event. We recommend that you bring a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, poles, tarps and other infrastructures you might need to create a shaded campsite. Bring Costumes! Prepare for hot weather. Free water is available on site. There will be plenty of yummy food available for purchase from the food truck, and free drinking water available, it’s always a good idea to stock up and be prepared).
Drinks. After all Dimension Festival is BYO (no glass!)
Hot tip: cordial makes for a great alternative to bringing lots of mixers, and saves on plastic bottles. We’ll have plenty of free water on site for you to fill up with.



How can I take care of myself?

  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Don’t fall asleep in the sun. You could burn your skin and become dangerously dehydrated (wake up anyone that you see sleeping under the sun!!);
  • Keep skin clean by wiping the dust and use sun screen (especially for those with a skin condition);
  • Sleep! You may not want to miss a thing, however the experienced festival-goer will tell you that you’ll enjoy the festival even more if you get some sleep;
  • Don't party hard too early: The Dimension is a week long experience, you have plenty of time to have fun and celebrate. Don't peak too early, enjoy the middle way, never loose control and surpass your limits. Behave consciously and responsibly!!

Will there be showers?

YES. Dimension will have the most epic sprinkler system setup coming straight from the crystal clear river that runs right alongside the party. Please keep mind though that this is a camping experience, not a weekend in a hotel.

When can we arrive?

Gates will open on Wednesday the 1st of February at 12 noon, giving you plenty of time to settle in, prepare you camp site, and just soak up the surroundings before sunset!


When do we have to leave?

Gates close on Wednesday the 8th of February at 1pm. Plenty of time to wind down, pack up your campsite, and most importantly rest up before your drive home.


Can I bring my own sound system?

No. We have gone to great lengths to provide you with the biggest, loudest and clearest walls of sound around. Across the main stage and the theme camps there will be more music styles than you can poke a really big stick at, and we’re sure there will be something to suit just about every taste. We can assure you these sound systems will be more than loud enough, and there will be music playing continuously throughout the weekend.

Can I bring a generator?

For reasons including safety and noise, generators are not permitted. Please do not bring them. be respectful of your neighbours and save your carbon footprint.


Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes! Dimension Festival is B.Y.O! Attendees aged 18+ can bring their own alcohol. All that we ask, is you leave glass bottles at home. Broken glass isn’t fun for anyone, so please bring your alcohol in plastic bottles/cans etc.


Can we bring dogs?

No. Throughout most of the year this is a working farm. The area is baited for opossums and wild dogs, and there will be livestock nearby. No dogs (or other pets). Please.


Are there ATM's on site?



What are the terms and conditions of entry?


  • No pets
  • No generators
  • No glass
  • No renegade sound systems
  • No illicit drugs
  • No motorbikes/quad bikes etc.
  • No weapons or fireworks
  • No antisocial behaviour
  • Wristband to be worn at all times.


    Can I bring a camper van?

    Yes, but there are no specific facilities for camper vans, like powered sites. Please pour your toilet liquid/waste waters in the special containers provided and NEVER in the compost toilets!!! The chemicals would interrupt the composting process posing a serious threat to everybody's health.


    Is there mobile reception on site?

    For most mobile phones the answer is no.


    Will there be any rare Pokemon at Dimension?

    No. As there is no phone signal, we’re afraid you won’t be able to catch any Pokemon. We recommend dressing up like your favourite Pokemon and then your friends can chase you around.


    Are pass outs allowed?

    Yes. With your wristband you will be able to exit and re-enter the festival. Please note though, that once a campground has reached capacity and closed off, cars will not be able to re-enter if they leave. If planning on leaving and returning by car, we recommend you park in the day parking area closer to the festival entrance.


    Can we have fires?

    As it will be mid to late summer it should be warm enough, fires within campsites are not permitted. This is mainly due to safety issues as well as the effect on the site, which is a pristine natural property. There will be several fires set up and maintained for you around the festival site, and trust us, they’ll be big enough to warm up even the chilliest toes!


    Can I cook at Dimension?

    You can cook at your campsite on a portable gas stove if you choose to bring one.


    Is there an extra cost for camping and caravan park?

    No, camping and caravan parking is included in the price of the ticket.


    Should i bring a bicycle?

    You can use a bicycle inside Dimension. You should bring a bicycle, it is a great way to enjoy the party!


    Is there a First Aid Tent?

    Yes, there is a 24h medical service. however if you have specific mediation that is required then please bring it with you. If your medication requires prescription please ensure your medication is correctly labelled by a healthcare professional before attending the festival.


    Is there free drinking water?

    Yes. There will be 2x 5000l fresh water tanks which you may use to fill up your drink bottles and use for cooking etc. The water comes from the public grid and it is regularly analysed by health and safety inspections. Please bring a stainless steel water re-filler!


    Can I swim in the river?

    Yes. But do not use chemicals (soaps, lotions, etc) on your body that might pollute the river and do not shit or piss in the water!!! Thank you!!!

    Is the water from the river clean?

    The water from the river comes down from the hills nearby and is crystal clean and clear, it is not suitable for drinking but good to swim in!

    Will I get diarrhea at Dimension?

    The hot climate and the presence of people from all over the world can make the perfect environment for these organisms to thrive! To minimise the risk of bacteria please wash your hands regularly with soap, especially after using the toilets and before eating (use water taps provided with soap near all toilets), and don't piss and shit outside the toilets! A conscious Dimension is a safe Dimension!

    Can I bring glass bottles with me?

    No. Glass creates a high risk of injury, maximizes the risk of fire and increases rubbish around the site. Vehicles will be searched for glass. Please pour your drinks into plastic containers. Leave glass at home.

    Can I buy ice at Dimension?

    There is no ice available at the festival site. However, you will be able to get delicious food and cold drinks at the food truck, all at affordable prices.


    When does the music and program start at Dimension 2017?

    The program starts at lunchtime on the 3rd of February.

    When does the music end at Dimension 2017?

    The program goes until lunchtime on the 6th of February.

    Are there any discounts to attend less days?

    No. There is one price for the whole time.

    Are there free tickets for birthdays?


    When can I find out set times?

    Music set times will be announced 2 weeks before the gates open or earlier. Whilst we take extra care to maintain solid set times, they are subject to change without notice due to unexpected situations that may arise from the day to day operations of the festival.

    What type of weather will Dimension run during?

    Whilst we will be expecting for sunny days and cool nights, Dimension will run in any weather, regardless if it’s rain, hail or shine. Be prepared for all weather conditions.


    Will there be first aid on site?

    Of course, however if you have specific mediation that is required then please bring it with you. If your medication requires prescription please ensure your medication is correctly labelled by a healthcare professional before attending the festival.


    How should I dispose of my rubbish & waste?

    Dimension is a Leave No Trace event, this means you must leave nothing behind your camp site. We will provide a garbage drop off point for full garbage bags at the venue for your convenience, however, please ensure full garbage bags are taken to this point as opposed to left at the campsite. Bring garbage bags to keep your camp site neat and litter free.



    By entering the Dimension festival site, you understand that you may be photographed, filmed, or videotaped and you hereby give Dimension permission to take any pictures or videos and use your likeness, image, or photo, without compensation, for broadcast or exhibition in any medium and to put the finished pictures/recordings to any legitimate use without limitation or reservation. You hereby waive, release and forever discharge Dimension from and against any and all claims or actions arising out of or resulting from any use of your image.