In previous years we have had challenges with weather so this year we have a a plan in place ensure safety of all of our patrons on the roads on site. The festival will go ahead in any weather, and we will be fully prepared for it.

Festival Access

The way it will work this year is that the access road from the street to the carpark through the gate will be FULLY WEATHER PROOF and metaled. This will ensure that all patrons can safely drive and park their 2 wheel drive standard height vehicle on the site in the carpark.

Tickets all include free parking in this carpark at the front of the site.


When you arrive in the carpark, there will be a shuttle available running constantly that can ferry you and your equipment to the campground. Its free. This will run for the duration of the festival, while the festival road is open. You can also walk from the carpark to the campground, this will take around 13 minutes.

This way you can safely drive in and park your vehicle at the site and if it rains you can simply take the shuttle back to your car and be able to leave if required. This is by far the best way to enjoy the festival :-).

The carpark will be 24x7 patrolled by security, and there will be no sleeping in the carpark. Anyone that wants to sleep in their car or van must purchase a Campervan Pass and park their vehicle in the campground. No Exceptions.

The Carpark will shut at 9pm and not be accessible until the following morning unless in an emergency (we are pretty relaxed if you need to go) so please be sure to bring everything you need from the carpark into the campground.

CaR Passes

Anyone that wishes to sleep in their vehicle or bring their car in MUST purchase a Campervan Pass from the ticketing page. Key notes with Campervan Passes:

  • 1 Campervan Pass per vehicle

  • If you want to bring your car in and park next to your tent you must purchase a campervan pass

  • Access to the campground from the carpark and back will be weather dependent and if it rains and the road is shut you will need to wait until the road reopens.

  • You accept the by purchasing a Campervan Pass that if the road is shut you accept you may be detained on the campground site until the road reopens.

  • If we deem a driver is not confident to navigate the festival road we will request the your vehicle remain in the carpark and use the shuttle service.

  • The road to the campground is subject weather, and any damage to the van on the festival road will not be paid for by Phat Productions

  • You will need to park your vehicle in the dedicated camper van area in the campground (and camp next to it if necessary).

Free Shuttle

As noted above, there will be a FREE shuttle to and from the carpark to the campground. Details as follows:

  • There will be 2 x shuttles running as long as they are required to get people into the campground. Access back to the carpark will be requested during daylight hours, however we can take you back if its an emergency.

  • The shuttles will have a trailer so you can load your gear on to the back and get into the event in style

  • The shuttle may not run if we have to close the festival road, as it will be limited access. In that case you are welcome to walk back to the carpark.

At The Gate

  • Gate Sale Tickets will be available - and will be $280 so please get your pre sales.

  • EFTPOS will be available at the gate.

  • Please have your tickets ready for when you arrive at the gate, we can scan them on your phone or printed out.  Please ensure you have your ID.

  • Everyone entering the festival will be subject to a full search. Event organisers  and security will have discretion to confiscate/remove any items entering the venue. Please see our FAQ page on what you are not allowed to bring to the festival.

  • Pass Outs will be available during the gate hours, however checks will be done to ensure no intoxication.  Please bring everything with you to minimise leaving the site.

  • To leave the site you will be checked for intoxication and if found to be intoxicated will be unable to leave.

  • You will be given a Rubbish bag on arrival, it must be returned to the drop off point when finished.  More rubbish bags will be available from the security area.