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Festival InfO



Yes. Dimension is a festival with loud music and a licensed bar - as a result Dimension is R18. Photo ID is required to enter.


We do not believe the festival is a suitable environment for children and we do not allow anyone under 18 years of age into the festival. So book your baby sitter now!


Of course! The river right next to the dancefloor is amazing to swim in and leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Please swim only during the day and in the designated swimming holes, the rocks are slippery and we want you to stay super safe. Please do not use chemicals (soaps, lotions, etc) that might pollute the river. We kindly ask that you only use organic & eco friendly products to preseve the beautiful land and widlife.

The water from the river comes down from the hills nearby and although it is crystal clear and clean we would advise not to use it for drinking water.


Dimension is an open-air event run in a rural location. Whilst we will expect for sunny days and cool nights, Dimension will run in any weather, regardless if it’s rain, hail or shine. Be prepared for all weather conditions and ensure you bring warm and wet weather clothing. In the week leading up to the festival we will post weather updates on the event page. We will ensure that the access and roadway where you need to park will be metaled and can handle any weather.


There is no mobile reception on site except for Vodafone at the front gate. We will have WIFI available for purchase from the Info Booth so you can snapchat, contact your mum and let your friends know how out of this world Dimension is.


You will need to purchase a “Vehicle Pass” to access the allocated vehicle camping area in the general campground. Here you can sleep in your car, next to your car or inside an RV or campervan while still being right up close to the action.


  • NO Glass (your car will be searched for it)

  • NO Dogs or animals of any kind

  • NO Sound systems

  • NO Generators

  • NO Motocross bikes or quadbikes  

  • NO Illicit drugs or illegal substances

  • NO Bad vibes & attitudes. 

  • NO Fireworks or flares

  • NO Laser pointers

  • NO Nitrous oxide

  • NO Weapons

  • Leave no trace

  • Authorised vehicles only in general campground

  • Only use Port-a-loos provided

  • Photo ID required

Essential Information


All tickets include free parking in the upper carpark at the front of the site, and free shuttles down to the campground. If you wish to drive down into the general campground - you will need to purchase a Vehicle Pass.


When you arrive in the carpark, there will be a shuttle running throughout the festival that can ferry you and your equipment to the campground. It's free! This will run for the duration of the festival, while the festival road is open. You can also walk from the carpark to the campground, this will take around 13 minutes.


Anyone that wishes to sleep in their vehicle or camp by their car in MUST purchase a 'Vehicle Pass' Add On from the ticketing page. Access to the general campground from the carpark and back will be weather dependent and if it rains and the road closes, you will need to wait until the road reopens.

You accept the by purchasing a Vehicle Pass that if the road is closed, you accept you may be detained on the campground site until the road reopens.

If we deem a driver is not confident to navigate the festival road we will request the your vehicle remain in the carpark and use the shuttle service.

The road to the campground is subject weather, and any damage to vehicles on the festival road will not be paid for by Dimension


Please have your tickets ready when you arrive at the gate, we can scan them on your phone or printed out. Please ensure you have your photo ID.

Everyone entering the festival will be subject to a full search. Event organisers and security will have discretion to confiscate/remove any items entering the venue. Please see our FAQ page on what you are not allowed to bring to the festival.


Pass outs will be available during the gate hours, however checks will be done. Please bring everything with you to minimise leaving the site.

To leave the site you will be checked for intoxication and if found to be intoxicated will be unable to leave.


Gates will open on Thursday 6th of February at 12:00pm, with the music starting at 4pm. We recommend packing the night before and leaving early Thursday morning to enjoy the festival as soon as it starts. This way you will maximize your experience and there's no stressful last-minute packing.

Gates close on Monday the 10th of February at 1pm. Plenty of time to wind down, pack up your campsite, and most importantly rest up before your drive home.


There will be a licensed bar at Dimension, so this means no BYO alcohol. This is required to keep our consent for the land going forward. Dimension will be licensed to sell alcohol however, underage drinking is still not permissible and anyone under the age of 18 found at the festival will be removed from the site.


Dimension 2020 is going cashless! There will be a number of top up booths around the festival for you to re-charge your wrist band. More details coming soon.

At the Festival


Dimension is a leave no trace event. We are fortunate to have the most beautiful festival location in New Zealand, so please respect the environment and the festival and keep your campsite tidy.

This means when the festival is over it's important to take home everything you brought with you, or dispose of items you do not want in a responsible way.


There will be refreshing cold showers available for free.


There will be limited Wi fi available at the festival, you can purchase data packages from the Info Booth.


There are multiple taps throughout the festival with free filtered water. Stay hydrated!


Food will be available on site for very reasonable prices from the market area. We will have coffee, smoothies, burgers, pizzas and a variety of vegetarian options.

If you are a vendor and you are interested in being a part of Dimension, head over to our get involved section.


There will be an information board where you can find out about set times, a site map, festival rules and post notices for other festivalgoers. Or, you can visit the Info Booth for general questions, WIFI purchases, wristband top ups and more. For anything else you need please see the friendly event team.


We will have a 24-hour medical service available on site. However, if you have specific mediation that is required then please bring it with you. If your medication requires prescription, please ensure your medication is correctly labelled by a healthcare professional before attending the festival.


You will be entirely responsible for the security of your camping site and your belongings. If you should require help from a security guard for any reason please don’t hesitate to find one of them or a crew member and we will ensure that you are looked after.


As it will be mid to late summer it should be warm enough, fires within campsites are strictly prohibited as there is a total fire ban. This is mainly due to safety issues as well as the effect on the land, which is a pristine farmland property.


  • Your ticket on your phone
  • Photo ID
  • A reusable water bottle
  • Battery power banks
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag & pillow
  • Airbed
  • Weather structures or tarps. Think about sun and rain protection for your and your festival crew.
  • Gumboots or sturdy boots, it is a farm after all!
  • Comfortable shoes. You'll be on your feet a lot, not to mention all the dancing you'll be doing, these are vital.
  • Toilet paper (just in case)
  • A warm jumper & rain jacket
  • Sunscreen, toiletries & insect repellent
  • A film canister or tin for your cigarette butts
  • Medical info (if you have any allergies or medical conditions) & medication. This must be clearly labelled and match your ID.
  • Torch or headlamp
  • Hat or sun visor
  • Bags for dirty clothes and rubbish
  • Non-perishable food. There will be plenty of yummy food available for purchase from the markets. It’s always a good idea to stock up on snacks and be prepared.
  • Water. We will have free water available on site but it's always best to bring your own as well.
  • Camping chair
  • Ear plugs. Looking for a decent sleep? You will need these.
  • Eye mask. Don't want to miss any of the sets at night? You'll need this to sleep during the day.
  • Costumes, dress ups, lights, leds, toys. Don't forget all the fun stuff too!

Prepare for all weather conditions & consider all weather necessities. Rain or shine. Be prepared to brave the elements.


The time has come to leave the pristine valley and travel back to reality. Be sure to have a solid plan of who is the designated driver back to your hometown and that they have had adequate rest. It's a great idea to have a back-up driver planned, just to be safe.

Once you've made it to your destination, make sure you get plenty of rest (in a real bed), drink lots of water, take your vitamins and try to fight off those post-dimension blues. The blues will pass, and that's when the excitement for next year begins.

Stay Safe TIPS

  • Stay hydrated. Super Hydrated. Free drinking water is available on site.

  •  Use sunscreen and be sure to reapply after swimming, sweating and dancing!

  •  Consent, it takes only a moment to ask. 

  • Don’t fall asleep in the sun. You don't want to wake up sun-burnt and dangerously dehydrated (wake up anyone that you see sleeping under the sun please).  

  • Get some rest - You may feel like you don’t want to miss a thing, however the experienced festival-goer will tell you that you’ll enjoy the festival even more if you get some rest & recovery. 

  • Don't party too hard too early. Dimension is a long festival experience, you have plenty of time to have fun and celebrate. Don't peak too early, enjoy the middle way, never lose control and surpass your limits. 

  • Behave consciously and responsibly. 

  • Going for a swim? Be sure to take a mate with you. 

  • If the weather turns bad, keep an eye on the river and think about your safety before jumping in. 

  •  Communication is key, if you're feeling a bit off, we have a 24 hour medic on site, and a friendly security team to will be happy to help.

  •  Please respect your fellow festival goers, the land, look after your tribe and of course, yourself.