Dimension Launch Party - Featuring Mutana Kataro and Chameleon!

Dimension Launch Flyer

We are proud to announce the Dimension LAUNCH party featuring none other than Mutana Kataro from Ovnimoon Records, Chameleon from Meltdown Records as well as psybreakz legend Ap3x!.  

You can expect some incredible production with killer projection mapping, massive Soul Storm Lasers and of course TWO rooms of stunning Opus sound quality all packed with solid DJs that will be sure to make your night go off!

Make sure that you get your tickets early (only $30) , and remember if you buy your NYE ticket now you get into all the 3 events (Launch, Pre Party and NYE) for just $195!

And remember, the Launch starts at 8PM, so come straight after work to get a full 8 hours stomp in!

Click the Buttons and join the FB event and be part of this new direction in cosmic awareness!