Phase 1 Tickets about to sell out for Dimension

We are excited to announce our confirmed theme camp – Looney Tunes!  Big thanks to Luke and Bing for making this happen – expect a fantastic array of alternative music genres such house, tech house, techno, dnb and beats to get you grooving.  Full details and lineup for Looney Tunes will be coming in the next week.

Having done the big site visit last weekend – its such a magical place – we are all ready to rock and roll for Dimension.  The river is as clean and fresh as ever, and yes we have improved the road. 

We are still looking for volunteers to help at at the festival (there are just a few limited slots) so please head on over to our “Contribute” page snd whack in your details – you may not be successful but at least give it a shot!

Just to be clear there are exactly 18 Phase 1 tickets left and then the price jumps to 149 – this is not a joke people – if you haven’t got your ticket yet and you want to get it for early prices you need to get yours today.  Our event budget only allows for a limited number at the lower cost so pleased click the link below and buy today!  We also have some group discount options so if you can get some friends together - please just message us on our Facebook page

Its coming up to Christmas and we know that there’s a lot going on, but if youget your summer secured now you can be looking forward to it – with our new February date its gonna be hot hot hot and we will be deploying the Phat Productions Shade Sail from Mindfunk Creations – cant wait to get a load of that.

Also everyone please be sure to check out the FAQ page for details about the festival and don’t hesitate ot get in touch if you have any questions on our Facebook page.

Next update will be when we announce that Phase 1 Tickets are SOLD OUT (most likely next week)

Until Next Time