Psytrance is the primary pillar and first of the 7 elements we see as crucial to our simple goal of raising everyone's consciousness beyond what we all thought possible.

What is psytrance?

Psytrance (or psychedelic trance) is an electronic music style featuring high tempo riffs and complex layers of synthetic melodies.  

"The technical definition would be music with repetitive beats; but actually trance is regarded as a type of music that stimulates a neurological effect in the brain that tickles the endorphins to make them come alive, and for one’s consciousness to be expanded through the cosmic sound of music."
       -Raja Ram

Essentially, psytrance is designed to facilitate and maintain the highest mental state a person can reach.

"Psytrance is really two things. It’s completely a science. Its use of sonic waveforms is something that must be learned and mastered scientifically for production. But what it captures and expresses is fundamentally wild, free, transcendent, cosmic..."

Our belief is that those who think they don't like psytrance just haven't heard the right psytrance in the right environment for the right amount of time.

When it comes to optimizing a festival or party experience, we've learnt that psytrance has a directional momentum that requires an extended session for all present to reach that same higher level.

At Phat Productions events, our DJ's deliver an authentic mix of the best psytrance in the world in a style completely unique to New Zealand. After 10 years, we've figured out just how to make sure every set goes off from start to finish.

At our last Weekend Safari, we went for 14 hours straight. It was so obvious how much more positive and elevated everyone was by the end compared to how they had been at the start (and they started out great!). We had at least 50-100 new people who had never heard psytrance before, and now they're hooked.

So no matter what your experience with psytrance has been, we encourage you to give it a go at one of our events—such as the free Weekend Safaris we hold throughout the year to give you a taste of our 4 day Dimension festival. We think you'll want to bring all your friends to the next one.

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