Sound Quality

You might have heard the word "Opus" being associated with Phat Productions and our events.

What is Opus?

The Opus is an incredible sound system that delivers extremely high quality audio. When it comes to our goal of "getting you there" at parties, we consider the combination of psytrance plus Opus to be foundational. That's why sound quality is the second most crucial pillar of our 7 Key Elements. The sound enhances the music, and both together help create the sorts of elevated, transcendent experience we're after.

"As mentioned, Psytrance is our first bastion when it comes to raising consciousness. On its own, psytrance is amazing. But what made me decide to make this my life goal was when I experienced a large Opus system at a festival in Spain. That was when I knew that psytrance and Opus together would be something truly worthy pursuing."
           -Big Dave

Since bringing the Opus over from the UK to New Zealand, we've upgraded significant aspects of the technology. For those who like technical details, the Opus is 100% analog. The amplifiers have no switch-mode power supplies, meaning they're really heavy. Being completely analog ensures the signal quality going into the system is being delivered perfectly out to the speakers, giving it a much fuller, richer sound.

About 3-4 years ago, we were experimenting with different mixes through the Opus. When we put our own digital-to-analog converter in front, as well as taking it through an analog mixer, the sound quality reached an unprecedented level we hadn't heard anywhere else.

So that's the state of the system we run today: a dual CS, 18 kW system that uses ESS9018 DAC chips inside the converter (a wholly customized DAC we've built from scratch).

We're proud of the technological monster we've created as it makes the audio component of a Phat Productions party something that must be heard to be believed, and something that can never fully be explained . . . only experienced.

That's one of the reasons we offer our free Weekend Safari events through the year leading up to Dimension (the other reason is simply out of a love for what we do!).  At Weekend Safari, you'll be introduced to a small version of our custom rig; the system we bring out for Dimension is basically 8 times louder. When you hear the audio quality we're talking about, you'll get a taste of what's possible when the right sound and music are used properly to set the scene for out-of-this world fun.