Phase 2 tickets half gone!

We hope thast you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year, there were some great events on over the period and it’s been a busy time for everyone.  Now we all have a clear run to Dimension - and its picking up pace for one next level experience!

Tickets are flying out the door with over half of the phase 2 tickets sold already at $150, so if you still want yours for $150 please get them now.  Once they are gone the tickets will be $180.


Firstly, get ready for next level decor with Mindfunk - its going to be extra special this time with Steve going hard cooking up some tasty visual treats for the main zone, here are some pics of what has been done to date, wait till you see it all installed and fully lit!

Lasers and Visuals

In addition we have confirmed the SoulStorm lasers (did you see them on the Skytower at New Years?) the most powerful lasers in the country so expect the sky to be fully lit.  Plus we have an extra special Visual experience with a massive cinema style full HD screen for you to get lost in while the tunes are pumping.  Yep, we love to blow ourselves away haha!

Theme Camps

The Theme Camps list is growing and we are happy to announce the following additional camps will be at Dimension for your enjoyment to get an alternative buzz...

  • Looney Tunes – Prog, tech house, techno, Dnb, and other stuff
  • Rurual Remix – Glich, Techno, Psyprog, Chill, progressive and other phat beatz
  • Nirvana Lounge – wicked space to chill by the main zone, with Shisha, the and coffee
  • The Riverside Garden – anything and everything in thie awesome riverside location


Plus the food is going to be yummy as with Mainstone burgers confirmed, as well as alternative vegan / vegetarian, and a new entrant the Coffee Pirate! – YUSS!  This will keep everyone satiated and fuelled up to party.

Additional Info

Please also note that the event is NO GLASS so you will need to decant your spirits well before the event, and just bring beers in cans.

We are running a shuttle from the Whangarei to the main zone, with tickets are selling fast for so be sure to get yours, and we will put on additional runs if required so please get in touch if you cant get a ticket on the day you want.

And just a quick note re the road, 2 wheel vehicles will have access to the site but IF you can get a 4WD vehicle that will be better.  We will be carefully manning the road in so you will definitely get in and out.

Next week we will talk about additions to the lineup, so nows the time to get in there and get your tickets before they go to Phase 3! s

Have a great week - the time will go fast until liftoff on the 3rd of Feb!

- Big Dave