So far, we've looked at how psytrance and our custom sound system are truly foundational when it comes to producing an epic festival experience. Both of those key elements—our blazing DJ's and Opus rig—enable us through the sense of hearing to get to that next level we're all aiming for.

Moving on, the next pillar we've been optimizing for the last couple hears has been the visual component. Working with the fantastic Team Optrix, a world leader in visual design and execution, we've learned to wholly enhance what event attendees see, and how that contributes to reaching (and surpassing) the highest imaginable human state.  

In the past, we've experimented with mixing 3D visuals, as well as different resolutions and levels of light. At our last festival, we ran a large 10K projector.

This year, we have returned to the drawing board to really reconsider the most fundamental questions: What makes visuals important? How do visuals raise your consciousness? What is it about good a visual that takes you in, drives you up, and delivers your entire existence and being to an all new plane?

Our conclusion after this long journey of reevaluation and experimentation is that the key factors determining the influence and impact of our visuals are: resolution, scale, content, and frame rate. We believe far more can be achieved through correctly applying these components than with mapping and complex shapes. We now use only the most smooth moving, high res. visuals created.

We have also begun to focus on making visuals a core element of the performance. The person running the visuals doesn't sit at the back of the room, anymore. They sit up front, working directly together with the DJ to create the unified vibe coming out of the main zone. We work with interested visual artists, train them up, and set them loose.

Again, we believe visuals are absolutely critical in terms of connection—for delivering all who travel with us ever onward and upward (again and again) as one cohesive unit. So a big shout out to Team Optrix for helping us craft our state-of-the-art visual vibe. And be sure to come to Dimension to experience the full scale of what we've been putting together in both the realms of sound and sight.