The Harmonics of Psy Trance

The Harmonics of Psy Trance

Harmonics are the ratios or relationships between two or more waveforms, the sum of which can produce an output of harmony or imbalance. This relationship of frequencies can be experienced through many forms, such as; art, nature, music, astrology, architecture, and mathematics. 

A lot of psy-trance can be seen as a carefully constructed harmonic balance of virtual sounds. These sounds, when experienced in the right circumstances, can create a means of therapeutic escapism for full on music lovers via the induction of alpha brain states.

Psydetrackd - Fullon Psy-Trance EVERY Saturday night at YOUR place.

Have you ever been on a cosmic adventure? catch the psychedelic pie cart every Saturday night as DJ Pie takes you on a journey through sound. Two action packed hours full of mystical insight will leave you reaching for the colouring pencils and reworking the lounge furniture until you have got it just right. Playing nothing but the best Fullon Psy-Trance created by the worlds most underground producers Pie leaves no bassline unbounced and no snare unsnasseyed. Broadcasting live from the Radio One 91fm Studio in Dunedin New Zealand you can catch Psydetrackd via the live stream from 9pm until 11pm EVERY Saturday night. 

Really enjoy the Tunes but unsure how to find them? Dj Pie has you covered, as he plays the show, he will post up every track as a link in the top post on the facebook page for you to scour in your own time.

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